Friday, January 10, 2014

Final Storyboard

In the final storyboard my unamed character was chilling at the dock in her PJs, when this glowing mermaid thing (which is the angler fish's lure) comes out the water. She's supposed to be like crouching while looking down at the lure, with a concerned look on her face. I'm not really sure how I fudged up her design, but somehow I did. I drew her pretty awfully.

Anyways, while the lure is trying to bate the girl into the water, the angler fish is waiting underneath the surface. I tried to make the sky an water look dark. If the water is dark then there's no way the girl would be able to see what's hiding below. Even though I did kind of want to darken the water more, I felt like making it darker would have messed it up.
I was feeling good about this, until I started drawing the human faces, then... I don't know. They just look bad. I also feel kind of silly for making my good character an amputee with an undercut (her hairstyle) because the view of the drawing is from the left, whereas she doesn't have a right arm and her head is shaved on the right side. I guess I didn't think about the until I had already been coloring.

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