Sunday, September 29, 2013

Bag Drawing

Why is value important and how do you feel you achieved the look of the bag through volume
Value will give an object dimension and make it look realistic. Real things have many areas of lightness and darkness, cast shadows, and are three-dimensional.    

Discuss how you used the material and your successes and challenges with this project. 
My main challenge with this project was that the top half of the bag looks very light compared to the bottom half. The reason is that I shaded the bottom half too darkly, so I limited myself in the values I could add. If I tried to make some of the creases on top look as dark as on the bottom it wouldn't make sense, considering the bottom half of the bag was completely cast in shadow. I think I did succeed with the all the creases of the bag and the shadow beneath it.  

Interesting Perspective

dog photodog photo

Describe how you developed your ideas for this project.
I came up with a list of about 15 ideas, and chose three to sketch out. The idea I liked the most was a sketch of an angle below my dog sleeping on a couch. In the background is a bookcase and a photo collage. My dog sleeps a lot and often enough I take pictures of him sleeping, so it seemed obvious that I draw that. 

 How does the point of view impact the overall feel of the drawing? 
It's a very interesting angle, I think, because I haven't seen too many drawings looking up at pets. 

Discuss your creative process and how you challenged yourself to produce a quality piece.

The process was very long and stressful. There were so many textures and shading that I needed to do, and as it stands I'm not a very good artist, so I freaked out for a good chunk of the project. 
I ended up using 7H, 8H, and 6B pencils for a lot of the drawing, but I'd never used different graphites before, so that was a challenge. The other challenge of this project was drawing the textures of the couch and the wooden bookcase. Making the couch look bigger as it got closer was probably the hardest part for me, especially since where it got bigger, it also got lighter. There was some trouble drawing my dog, since I didn't have the luxury of having him right in front of me to look out, but I think I did a decent job on him.